Collecting Affordable Florida Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. You definitely do not want to purchase a home and not have it properly covered, right? When it comes to homeowners insurance in Florida, you want the best coverage at an affordable rate. You may wonder, how do I get the best Florida homeowners insurance rates?

Comparison Shopping

It’s easy to find the best rates on the web at Let’s discuss the correct method of collecting Florida homeowners insurance quotes. Everyone should comparison shop for the best rates. Do you know how to comparison shop effectively? What is the purpose of comparison shopping?

Let’s face it, if you don’t comparison shop you could be overpaying by hundreds of dollars on your homeowners insurance coverage. By rule, you should comparison shop at least 3 or more major insurance companies.

You may collect Florida homeowners insurance quotes by visiting each insurance company site. This can be done by google searching the company, visiting their website, and entering your information to receive a quote. It is important to keep a record of the quotes you collected by each company by writing it down. Writing it down will help make the decision process easier.

What Affects your Homeowners Insurance Rates?

Keep in mind that certain factors can affect your homeowners insurance rates. It is important to know these before shopping for Florida homeowners insurance quotes. These factors are pets, bad credit score, location, trampolines, and much more.

Owning certain pets will affect rates according to If you own a German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Dobermann, Pitbull, or any other aggressive dog, your rates could be higher. This rule is also extended on to exotic animals too. For example, tigers, monkeys, and others can cause higher rates. A bad credit score can affect rates as well. Insurers will check if the homeowners have paid all bills on time and check their current credit score. A low score could give you premiums.

If your home is located in a bad location. For example, vulnerable to storms or tornadoes. This factor alone can raise rates. Trampolines can impact insurance rates. Did you know that a trampoline causes over 90,000 hospital visits each year? It is recommended by doctors to only allow one child at a time on trampolines.

Now that you know how to comparison shop correctly, collect Florida homeowners insurance quotes, and the factors that will affect your rates, you are on your way to better deals. Savings are just around the corner!